Our prices vary depending on the services, breed, size, condition of the coat, style, frequency of grooming.  Fancy, stylized and fluffy haircuts are more expensive and it takes longer for the stylist to groom the dog.

Grooming matted and hard to handle dogs takes longer and it costs extra. We encourage everyone to be on at least 4 weeks schedule to reduce costs and make your pet’s grooming experience more enjoyable. 

Please refer to the approximate basic price list. Please keep in mind that the prices are just an estimate and subject to change and are determined according to the individual situation and needs.

Full grooming includes bath, nails trimming, ears cleaning and haircut. Mini groom does not include the haircut. De-matting, de-shedding ,spa services and teeth brushing are not included in the price.

Prices may vary depending on the coat type and condition.